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Hiring a Cleaning Service: Asking the Right Questions

It is difficult to run a business and make sure that the facility is maintained to a standard that makes your clients and customers feel comfortable and welcome. Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your company is very important. You want to feel sure that they are going to not only do a good job but also that you can trust the people who the company uses as employees to clean your building. You want to ensure that they are insured and have similar accounts to your business. To ensure you choose a Wellington cleaners you can trust make sure to ask questions.

How many years have they been in business?

You don’t want to hire a brand new company who doesn’t have any accounts for your company. It’s fine to give a new business a chance but you need to know that the Wellington cleaning service will be able to perform. Years of experience does not always guarantee a good company though, so it’s also a good idea to see review and referrals from other companies that have or are using them. Any negative reviews could alert you to a possible red flag.

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You also want to ensure that the Wellington cleaning service you contract works at other business like your own. So if you run a law firm for high end clients that they know and are familiar with the standard of cleaning you need done. You don’t want to hire a company that has never cleaned a law office. Maybe they only have accounts for restaurants or homes. This may not be the right Wellington cleaning service for your business.


The people who work for company are a very important part of the equation. They are the ones who do all the work. There are several employees type questions you should ask to ensure that the staff that is working at your business is skilled , qualified and trustworthy. You want to ensure that they are confident and in control of all of their employees. You will want to ensure that workers assigned to your business will be held accountable for the work done\

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How do they screen their employees?

This will give you the sense of what they deem important when hiring new people. Do they look through credentials, are they hiring from job boards? Do they do background check? The main concern is how do they know that their employee is safe to be working in your building without constant supervision.

What kind of training they use to ensure their employees can do the job?

Knowing whether or not they take the time to train their employees in a broad range of task lets you know whether or not they will be able to handle the job. If proper training is not afforded to their employees in some form or fashion it can be expected that they will  not work to the standard that you expect.

Will the same staff be responsible for your business or will there be a rotating of different people.

This question lets you know whether you will get to know a single person or team to hold responsible for you building and business or if when you have a problem who you’ll have to contact about it. Having a regular person  or team to come on a regular schedule ensures that you can hold that person accountable for anything that is not done to a standard.


Your going to want to nail down details of a contract , knowing how often staff will be in the building and when, so that you can insure that your own employees know when to expect extra people in the building. You’ll want to ensure that they can guarantee their work and their employees. You’ll have to decide if you want a long term contract or a short term contract and also what it would take for either party to end that contract.

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Insurance is very important. You want to make sure that you are not going to be liable for any damages or accidents that may occur while the Wellington cleaning service employees are on your property. You also want to make sure they are responsible for any damages they may make to your building such as broken windows or split chemical on the carpets. This should also be included in your contract so that there are no blurry lines.

A cleaning company can help relieve some pressure about keeping your business building clean.These are just a few things that you have to ask to make sure that you are picking the right Wellington cleaning service. From employees to insurance and experience its important to get a broad sense of not only what a company has to offer but also whether they will be a good fit for your needs.

Window Cleaning : Do’s and Don’ts

So much light comes in through your windows. They provide brightness and an airy feeling that is hard to mimic. If you have lots of windows or even better, large floor to ceiling windows you are living the great window dream. Windows can look good inside or out as long as you can see through them. You never want to be caught with dirty windows. It can make your home look unappealing and can leave the inside look a bit cloudy.

Window cleaning can be totourouse, time consuming and can be dangerous if you have large or hard to reach windows. But if your confident your are up to the task make sure to stick to these simple do’s and don’ts to get the best cleaned windows possible. These tips will ensure that you come out with a streak free perfectly clean finish every time.

Don’t use newspapers

Don’t use the old newspapers you have lying around the house to do window cleaning. I’m not sure when the myth that newspapers get windows cleaner started. The fact is that they do not. Also it leaves a terrible mess for your hands and the paper is no longer recyclable. The ink on the paper is full of chemicals that can be harmful.

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Use soap and water ( and maybe vinger)

When you are cleaning your windows make sure to just use soap and water .You may be tempted to use some fancy new cleaner. But nothing cleans better than just the basic soap and water. Simply use some warm water and a liquid dish soap and go to work.if you really want to add something extra a solution of distilled white vinegar and water can help clean very dirty windows. No need to get fancy and expensive cleaning products when the basics will do the job better.

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Don’t use harsh chemicals

Don’t use harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals are not necessary for window cleaning. These chemicals can be dangerous to use around children and pets as well. Its best to use green products around the home but for windows the basic will do just fine.

Don’t clean in direct sunlight

Don’t clean windows in direct sunlight or if it’s scorching hot outside. This can cause your windows to dry in streaks and patterns and also staining. The best time to clean your windows in cloudy or when the sun is setting or you’ll defeat the purpose of the window cleaning.

Do use the two hand method

In the great words of Mr. Miyagi “ wax on , wax off “. Well maybe not with actual wax but definitely with use the same mostions and two seperate microfiber cloths one used for wiping the cleaning product on and the oher to wipe it off. It’s also important to make sure that you clean the windows from top to bottom. Another tool that can be helpful is a squeegee tool.  This will keep away smudges and streaks.

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Do windows last and plan it out

Make sure to plan out you cleaning so that your windows are done last. If your cleaning the outside of the house you wouldn’t want to blow up leaves and grass clippings on to your clean windows. Likewise, if your indoors you don’t want to be dusting after you’ve already cleaned your windows. Windows should always be done last. When you finally do make it to the windows make sure you come at it with a plan. Its best to break it up as to not over tire yourself.

Don’t forget frames and tracks

Frame and tracks are not be ignored .Even with a clean and shiny window you have to remember to clean your the frame and the tracks of any dust or debris. You can do this efficiently by using your vacuum tools or a magic eraser to clean in and around the window sill. You tackle any blinds or curtains that may hold on to the dust around the window. Also making sure that  This help the overall look of your window.

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When your all done you’ll be left with amazing windows you can see out of and feel proud of everytime you open the blinds to let light in. It will instantly brighten your home so much and give you new appreciation for your sace.

If window think that window cleaning is something you have time for you can call a cheap cleaners or you can look up wellington window cleaning service , Top Star Cleaning for a quote to get the job done. A professional window cleaning service can  allow you to get large windows and hard to reach windows that you would otherwise be unable to do on your own. You can also relax knowing that the job is in good hands.

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Carpet Cleaning for Better Indoor Air Quality

Allergy season can be tough, outdoor there are all kinds of triggers from pollen from trees, grass, and weeds. It’s enough to keep allergy sufferers inside during a very windy day.

But what about indoor air quality. What happens when your indoor allergies are just as bad as the outdoor allergies. It might help to think about spring cleaning and maybe adding things like plants and humidifiers to the mix.

Sometimes air quality indoors can be just as bad as the outdoors. The can be a number of different factors.carpets ,plants and humidifiers can add to the air quality in your home. AIr filters and windows can be cleaned in order to bring better air quality as well.

Keep spaces clean

A good start to eliminating allergies in the home is to make sure that things in the home are kept clean. Make sure to wash bedding often, keep sofas cleaned and keep debris off the floors.Don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning spaces because this can trigger allergies and be harmful to children and pets.

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Carpets can be a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and pet dander. Vacuuming often can help to pick up dirt that is brought in from shoes and pets, as well as everyday messes. High traffic areas should be covered with rugs to make cleaning easier.  If there is a lot of carpet it is very important to get this deep cleaned at least twice a year, more if you have pets. Traditional vacuum cleaners can leave a lot of stuff behind that you may not be able to see.. A Wellington cleaning company will be able to provide you with the deep carpet cleaning to alleviate some allergy and respiratory problems. Deep cleaning can also help to get stains out that you wouldn’t be able to get out yourself.


Windows should be opened to let in ventilation and light but if your windows are dirty or your frames and tracks are harboring dust, this can make indoor quality just as bad as outdoor. If you have a lot of windows or even just windows that are hard to reach it can be a task.The best cleaning in Wellington for all your window cleaning needs is Triple Star Cleaning. Window cleaning services can allow you to open your windows for fresh air and light.

Air vents

Air conditioning can also be a cause of bad air quality. It’s important to check air vents and make sure there is no build up of pollutants building up on the filters.  Filters are recommended to be replaced every three months. Be careful when replacing filters as they can contain fungal spores, dust and other allergens that can be harmful when inhaled. Also making sure that you have the proper sized air filter for your system or HVAC system insures that the air filter is able to do its job.

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There are plants that can help to improve the air quality in your home. Plants are often called nature’s purifiers because they can help to really change the air quality in your home. The key is finding a low maintenance plant that is known to be an air purifier.there are a number of plants that have been scientifically proven to make you home air quality better. Plants like the garden mum, spider plant, or a weeping fig can all contribute to a better air quality. These plants have to be kept in good sunlight to keep them growing in optimal conditions to keep you healthy.


A properly maintained humidifier can help keep you healthy especially for people with asthma and allergies. There are a number of different kinds of humidifiers to choose from like cool mist, warm mist, ultrasonic and whole house. But essentially the humidifier adds moisture into the air.  The ideal humidity range is 30-50%.below 30% and your leaning towards very dry air this can lead to nose bleed and problems breathing.  Anything over 50% and you risk condensation on the ceiling and walls and no one wants wet walls and dripping ceilings. Always ensure that you change the filters and use distilled water to keep the humidifier helping you stay healthy.

Indoor allergies can be just as challenging as outdoor allergies. Except you can control more factors to relieve indoor allergies by making sure to keep spaces clean, ventilation , adding plants and keeping the humidity at a good level. By making a few changes you can create an oasis away from the pesky allergies that plague you. Commercial cleaning companies in wellington can help alleviate some of the stress at the deep cleaning that needs to be done. All the things can help you get back to enjoying your home.

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What’s lurking in your child’s bedroom carpet?

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Your child’s bedroom is so special. You’ve decorated it with characters they can’t get enough of. It is full of your child’s favorite toys scattered all over the floor. This is the main space where your child learns through play. They imagine themselves in far off places and dress up dolls for tea parties. Sometimes they even invite you to join them on their grand adventures. You have the best time rolling on the floors.

But if you look a little closer at that carpet that you are playing in, what do you think you will find? What is lurking in your child’s bedroom carpet?

A Breeding Ground

You want to keep your children happy and healthy. But they play on the floors where things that can be harmful to their health breed. The most common things lurking in the carpets are ground breeding bacteria, dust mites, allergens and mold. All of these can be very harmful to your little ones health. Carpets hold on to things like pet hair, mold and even insect feces. If carpets are not properly maintained this can lead to immune system weakness, skin problems, and respiratory problems.

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You may assume that you are doing your job if you can’t see the dirt on the floor. Out of sight out of mind, right  .But the fact of the matter is that the most harmful things are going to be those which you cant see living just beneath the surface of the carpet.

There are a number of ways to help to keep your carpets clean and help keep your family healthy. These tips can help you be more confident that you are doing everything that you can to keep your family healthy.


Shoes should not be worn indoors. Shoes can bring everything from the outside in to the home. Studies have shown that shoes trail in all kinds of bad stuff from the outside and then it stays in your carpet and with long term exposure can lead to health problems.

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Bacteria from dog poop, public restrooms and other places can bring E.coli into your home. This bacteria not only survives but multiplies and spreads throughout the house carried by the shoes. Toxins like those found in gasoline and other harmful place can  be tracked in by shoes and long term effects can be very harmful. Dirt can also be tracked in when shoes are allowed in the house, and if you have small children or toddlers they can risk ingesting this dirt.

Keeping shoes from being worn indoor is definitely the first step in assuring that the carpets are safe for you and your family from getting sick. Keeping them by the front door allows them to be out of the way and still accessible when needed.


Vacuuming is a way to keep carpets clean in between deep cleanings. This should be done often especially in high traffic area or spaces where there are pets. Ensuring that you have a good carpet cleaning at least twice a week with a high quality cleaner will help to pick up debris and pet hairs. Making sure to vacuum area rugs and any area that your family spends a lot of time in is also important. The best vacuums will be bagless and have a strong suctions. You’ll also want to make sure that there is also a good number of tools to get to the small hard to reach areas. If you have pets it’s a good idea to get a model with specialty modes to capture all the pet hair and dander.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

A deep carpet cleaning is recommended every six months. Make sure you have a good carpet cleaning in wellington on hand. Having a professional come in to do a carpet cleaning can alleviate some concerns about what is lurking in the carpets. They can also take care of spots and stains you may not have been able to remove on your own. If your having a hard time finding one look up carpet cleaning near me or contact Triple Star Cleaning Service to get a quote for your next cleaning.

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The next time your little one is crawling on the floor in their bedroom ask yourself if your doing everything to keep that carpet clean and safe for them to play. Consider keeping shoes from being worn in the home to keep things from being tracked in from outside., vacuuming more often especially in high traffic areas and places where there are often pets. Schedule a carpet cleaning to ensure that your carpets don’t just look clean but are deep cleaned for you and your families health. All these things will insure that you can rest assured knowing that your child is safe on the carpet.

Top 5 Tools For Spring Cleaning That Can Be Done Easily.

Winter are times when you don’t have much time for doing small cleaning tasks, a day drags and eventually, it’s time for bed. Comes the spring season and things seems to be messy and out of place, whether you like it or not it’s about time to clean up.

Don’t forget about the after party cleaning

The parties, all winter long might have been forgotten now but there are the leftovers and pigments here and there that reminds of it. They might well qualify for an after party cleaning service, but before you reach out for the phone, there are small easy-to-do cleaning tasks that you can do yourself. With a handful of some useful tools, all the dirt and spots will be on their way to good riddance.

Listed below in detail are 5 must have cleaning tools that will save you a lot of time and effort for a spotless home. Buy them once and keep them useful whenever you feel up for a quick residential cleaning.

Hand Duster

A simple hand duster might sound mundane but is an extremely handy tool for every house. Hand dusters are very common almost in every house, for quickly and effectively removing dust from all places and surfaces in the house. Although on some occasions a hand duster might not be a useful tool especially for an After Party Cleaning, but for a weekly or bi-weekly dusting it’s second to none.

Protective Gloves

Gloves are very handy when cleaning dishes for protecting skin from any harmful effects of the detergents and soap. These rubber gloves are also useful when doing residential cleaning yourself. Protecting your hands against cleaning sprays that can contain harmful chemicals is an important thing you should do. You can easily get a pair of them from a local store for a very low price.


Mops are essential tools for cleaning floors when it comes to residential cleaning. There are many kinds of mops ranging from microfibre to sponge mops. Microfibre mops are the hot-selling and sought out by most of the consumers. You can buy a twist mop or a flat one depending on your needs.

If you have pets at your home it’s more likely there will be pet hairs in most part of your house. Buying a dust mop will do the magic having them cleared up without too much of an effort.


Squeegees have become a household tool thanks to its availability in small sizes for cars and windows. A squeegee is a great problem solver not only for spotless and sparkling cleaning of  windshields but windows and glass door as well. If you want spotless and sparkling windows at your home then a simple squeegee is very handy.

You can also apply glass cleaning spray or a soap on your glass, for a complete sparkling clean. However, without a squeegee, you might not be able to achieve this. They have become an intrinsic part of light residential cleaning in every home.


Last but not the least important is a sponge. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Just like a protective glove, a sponge is also part of the kitchen accessories. However, it holds a significant importance in cleaning off dirt and spilled liquid spots in different parts of the home.

Sponges are useful for scrubbing greasy spots on surfaces, they can absorb a great deal of water and produces foam when used with soap. Cleaning with a sponge is a whole lot easier than a fabric.

Sponges are made up of wood fiber or plastic polymers. They are easily available at local store or hardware shop.


Move-out checklist, last minute to-do list when moving out.

Moving out of your apartment or home can be really a stressful day, especially if you don’t keep a checklist handful. It’s good to have your own checklist ready before you start the process, it’s even better that every person in the house has his own checklist with him. But there is always a central checklist. One Checklist to rule them all!

Secure the whole place:

Safety is the first thing you should make sure of when leaving the place. It’s good practice to check each room and secure all windows and doors. Make sure the garage and basement are properly secured and there are no locks left unlocked. The ideal way to do this is to appoint one person to do the job and have another person double check.

Don’t forget things behind:

You don’t want to leave things behind, do a thorough search in every room to make sure everything is packed. Keep all the packings in a visible place so anyone can see them and no package is left behind. Check all the drawers in rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, every storage space in every room.   


Set the thermostat:

Make sure the thermostat is working properly, fix it if you see any problem before leaving the house. It’s a good practice to leave the thermostat on according to the temperature required, you don’t want the new tenants to freeze out in the house due to cold because you turned it off or feel the heat inside in summers because you set the temperature high. Turn off the water, so they don’t freeze, in winters.   


Empty the garbage bin:

No one wants a stinky place when they move in, certainly, you don’t want the house to have rotten smells in it when you move out. The good thing to do is to remove all items from everywhere you don’t want, and then dispose off your garbage. Also, make sure the refrigerator has absolutely nothing in it.


Leave all keys behind:

You don’t want the landlord calling you for the keys you accidentally took away with yourselves, it would be almost impossible finding it out, among all the boxes and packings. So be wise to leave the keys on the kitchen counter for the new tenants or hand it back to the landlord. Equally important is to leave the garage door opener there too, one thing that most people don’t remember.   


Leave a note:

Don’t be shy to great the new tenants with a welcome note. This may sound a small gesture but leaves an excellent impression. Perhaps you can give them few useful instructions, about the next garbage day or useful tips about the house. For Example, how that kitchen door knob needs some extra push on the button to close it properly, or the fridge needs some services etc.

About Top Star Cleaning

Top Star Cleaning is committed to providing cleaning services in the Wellington area that are both high quality and affordable. We have a dedicated and professional team and we are committed to delivering excellent levels of customer service.

To find out more, call us today on 04 391 0040.

9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cleaning Company for Your Business

When you have a good cleaning company working for your business, the work just gets done. You don’t have to manage or follow up to ensure everything is cleaned properly, you don’t have to worry about cleaners not turning up, and you don’t have to deal with cleaners getting in the way of your business.

How do you get a cleaning company and a cleaning contract like this, however? Here are nine questions you should ask a potential cleaning company to ensure you get the best.

1. How much experience do they have with commercial cleaning?

Domestic and commercial cleaning is not the same, so it’s important to check if the cleaner has experience with commercial cleaning. Try to get an understanding of the extent of that experience too. For example, are they primarily domestic cleaners who have a couple of commercial contracts, or do they have a lot of commercial experience?

2. Do they clean for companies similar to yours?

Find out also if they have experience working for companies similar to yours. This could be companies in the same industry, of the same size, or who have premises like yours. It is good if the cleaning company does have this experience.

3. Do they have a good track record?

This is about finding out how good they are at what they do. Of course, the cleaning company is going to tell you they are great, but there are ways you can drill into this in more detail. For example, do they have official accreditations or awards, do they work for large companies, or do they have public cleaning contracts.

The length of time they are with customers is also a good indicator, i.e. if they have long-term contracts with customers that are regularly renewed.

4. How do they manage their teams?

Depending on the size of your business, the cleaning company might send a supervisor, but you will rarely see a manager. It is important, therefore, to understand how their management processes work.

5. Do they have references?

If they do you should contact them to get the opinion of a business who has used their cleaning services.

6. Do they have a website?

A website is important as it adds credibility. A cleaning company with a professional website is likely to be more legitimate and trustworthy than one that doesn’t.

7. What happens if you have concerns?

There are some situations where it is not appropriate to speak to the cleaners who are regularly in your business. You need to know who you can talk to further up the management chain and how your query will be dealt with.

8. Will it be the same people in your business all the time?

Most businesses prefer to see the same people all the time as it helps to build trust and consistency. You should also find out what happens if regular cleaners are off sick or on holiday.

9. How do they ensure their cleaners work safely?

Health and safety is an essential part of running your business, so you should make sure the cleaning company works to the same standards you do. Also, check if they have adequate insurance cover in place.

If the cleaning company answers the above nine questions to your satisfaction, you are likely to have a good experience with the contract.

How to Choose a Cleaning Company for Your Home

Employing a cleaner involves giving people you don’t know access to your home, including private areas like your bedroom and bathroom. Not only this, the cleaners might be in your home when you are not there. It is, therefore, important you make the right decision on which cleaning company to choose. Here are our tips.

Make Sure its Cleaners are Vetted

The cleaning company you choose should thoroughly screen all the cleaners on its team. This will ensure they will do a good job, but it will also ensure they are honest and trustworthy. In addition, make sure the cleaning company has good management structures in place to monitor the work and maintain high professional standards.

Ensure the Company Has Experience

Experience in the market will give you confidence the cleaning company is reliable and knows what it is doing.

Get References

Check testimonials and references from the cleaning company to get an understanding of what customers like you think about its services. After all, the cleaning company can tell you anything. A testimonial or reference is a customer’s perspective, however.

Check if the Terms are Flexible

This involves checking if the cleaning company works in a way that suits your lifestyle. For example, can the cleaners come on the days and at the times you need them to? Is the company okay with the frequency you need, and what happens if you need to vary the service for a week, i.e. get your home cleaned on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday?

Also, check the payment and contract terms – are they acceptable to you?

Think About the Frequency

Do you want your home cleaned once a week, twice a month, once a month, or a different frequency? When considering this question, don’t just think about cost. You may get a better price per visit, plus your home will be kept cleaner, if you increase the frequency. In other words, getting your home cleaned more often can be better value for money.

Make Sure the Cleaners Have the Right Equipment

Find out if the cleaners will use the company’s equipment or do they expect to use yours. It is best to know this in advance.

Can You Get Additional Services?

It is also worthwhile knowing if you can get additional services if you ever need them. Some might be ad hoc that you may need or may not, such as after party cleaning. Others may be more regular, albeit on a frequency of once or twice a year. Examples include cleaning light fixtures, deep cleaning carpets, and upholstery cleaning.

If you want window cleaning included in the service you get, you should check this too.

Is the Cleaning Service Value for Money?

When comparing prices and services offered, make sure you compare like with like before deciding which is the best value for money. That said, home cleaning services don’t have to be expensive. At Top Star, for example, we offer a lowest price guarantee.

Here’s a final, bonus tip for once you choose a cleaning company – make sure you communicate. This should start from the very first visit – if you are not happy with something or would like something changed, let them know. It is better to have the conversation, so the cleaning company can deal with it.

7 Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tips that Work

Your kitchen is the most important room in your house. It is usually also the most frequently used. Here are seven clever cleaning tips to keep your kitchen looking its best.

1. Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Oven

Cleaning the oven is never an easy or enjoyable job but this tip will make it quicker and easier. Start by making up a cleaning solution that includes baking soda and a small amount of dishwasher liquid added to water. The consistency should be like batter.

Rub this onto the dirty spots in your oven and leave for 15 minutes. Then, scrub the oven to remove the dirty spots. Once clean, use a wet cloth to wipe the away the cleaning solution and then dry the oven with a microfibre cloth.

2. Put Two Bags in Your Bin

Don’t you just hate it when the rubbish bag in your bin leaks and starts to smell? You then have to clean the bin to use it again plus you’ll probably need to double bag to stop anything else from falling out. There is a simple solution – double bag your bin from the start. You don’t need to remove the liner bag every time you empty the bin – only when the main bag breaks and there is a spill. Double bagging at the start, however, means you are less likely to need to clean your bin – or deal with the bad smells that come from spills.

3. Clean Stovetops with Vinegar and Water

It is inevitable that food will spill onto your stovetop when you cook. This tip makes it easy to clean up the spills. Just make a solution with vinegar and water to wipe the stovetop down. For stubborn stains, use more vinegar. As well as cleaning your stovetop, this will also remove smells.

4. Unpack Your Dishwasher at the Start of the Day

You should pack and turn on your dishwasher to let it run overnight – this is the best option for most working families. What happens in the morning rush, though, as you try to get your family out to work and school? Many people leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher, but the better option is to make time to unpack it. This fresh start to the day ensures there is space in the dishwasher for dirty dishes, so they don’t pile up on the sink.

5. Use Lime Juice and Baking Soda for a Sparkling Stainless-Steel Sink

Your sink works hard so it is not surprising it can be clean, but still not look its best. To make it really sparkle, squeeze the juice out of some limes and add this to a cup of baking soda. You can then use this solution to clean your sink and make it shine.

6. Wipe Up Spills Quickly

When you leave spills on your countertops, they become smelly and hard to remove. They also look untidy. Therefore, you should keep a kitchen cleaning solution and cloth handy at all times, so you can wipe up spills as soon as they occur.

7. Clean Wood Cutting Boards with Lemon and Salt

Use lemon and salt for the best cleaning result on your wood cutting boards. Start by sprinkling the board generously with rock salt. Then, cut the lemon in half and use it to rub the salt onto the board to clean it. Wipe the salt away when done and rinse off the board.

By keeping on top of things and using items you already have in your kitchen, you can keep it clean and fresh.