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Window Cleaning : Do’s and Don’ts

So much light comes in through your windows. They provide brightness and an airy feeling that is hard to mimic. If you have lots of windows or even better, large floor to ceiling windows you are living the great window dream. Windows can look good inside or out as long as you can see through them. You never want to be caught with dirty windows. It can make your home look unappealing and can leave the inside look a bit cloudy.

Window cleaning can be totourouse, time consuming and can be dangerous if you have large or hard to reach windows. But if your confident your are up to the task make sure to stick to these simple do’s and don’ts to get the best cleaned windows possible. These tips will ensure that you come out with a streak free perfectly clean finish every time.

Don’t use newspapers

Don’t use the old newspapers you have lying around the house to do window cleaning. I’m not sure when the myth that newspapers get windows cleaner started. The fact is that they do not. Also it leaves a terrible mess for your hands and the paper is no longer recyclable. The ink on the paper is full of chemicals that can be harmful.

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Use soap and water ( and maybe vinger)

When you are cleaning your windows make sure to just use soap and water .You may be tempted to use some fancy new cleaner. But nothing cleans better than just the basic soap and water. Simply use some warm water and a liquid dish soap and go to work.if you really want to add something extra a solution of distilled white vinegar and water can help clean very dirty windows. No need to get fancy and expensive cleaning products when the basics will do the job better.

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Don’t use harsh chemicals

Don’t use harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals are not necessary for window cleaning. These chemicals can be dangerous to use around children and pets as well. Its best to use green products around the home but for windows the basic will do just fine.

Don’t clean in direct sunlight

Don’t clean windows in direct sunlight or if it’s scorching hot outside. This can cause your windows to dry in streaks and patterns and also staining. The best time to clean your windows in cloudy or when the sun is setting or you’ll defeat the purpose of the window cleaning.

Do use the two hand method

In the great words of Mr. Miyagi “ wax on , wax off “. Well maybe not with actual wax but definitely with use the same mostions and two seperate microfiber cloths one used for wiping the cleaning product on and the oher to wipe it off. It’s also important to make sure that you clean the windows from top to bottom. Another tool that can be helpful is a squeegee tool.  This will keep away smudges and streaks.

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Do windows last and plan it out

Make sure to plan out you cleaning so that your windows are done last. If your cleaning the outside of the house you wouldn’t want to blow up leaves and grass clippings on to your clean windows. Likewise, if your indoors you don’t want to be dusting after you’ve already cleaned your windows. Windows should always be done last. When you finally do make it to the windows make sure you come at it with a plan. Its best to break it up as to not over tire yourself.

Don’t forget frames and tracks

Frame and tracks are not be ignored .Even with a clean and shiny window you have to remember to clean your the frame and the tracks of any dust or debris. You can do this efficiently by using your vacuum tools or a magic eraser to clean in and around the window sill. You tackle any blinds or curtains that may hold on to the dust around the window. Also making sure that  This help the overall look of your window.

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When your all done you’ll be left with amazing windows you can see out of and feel proud of everytime you open the blinds to let light in. It will instantly brighten your home so much and give you new appreciation for your sace.

If window think that window cleaning is something you have time for you can call a cheap cleaners or you can look up wellington window cleaning service , Top Star Cleaning for a quote to get the job done. A professional window cleaning service can  allow you to get large windows and hard to reach windows that you would otherwise be unable to do on your own. You can also relax knowing that the job is in good hands.

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The 5 different ways of window cleaning you should know about

Window cleaning may sound a daunting task for those who don’t want to go through the regular chorus of cleaning windows. Window cleaning, unlike carpet and upholstery cleaning is not much of an accessible job. Ladders or extendible tools are required more often to do the cleaning of inaccessible areas.

The 5 Easy Ways of Window Cleaning

Even if you don’t want to go for a professional window cleaning Wellington service, there are few tips and tricks that can save the day for you. Following these 5 ways for sparkling and shining windows in your home, you will beat all the cheap cleaners.

Start with the preliminary cleansing

Before you start with the hardcore cleaning there are some initial cleaning that needs to be done. Initial cleaning is important to remove all the grime and dirt from the windows both on the outside and inside. Daily usage of the mirror in the bath, water splashes and soap and toothpaste deposits makes it look old and spotty.

The preliminary window cleaning from outside may be a lot easier, all you need is a garden hose, not with a high-pressure water that you do for a car wash. Spray on the windows to remove all the dust particles and grime from the surface. Dust particles from storms and rains that have formed on the windows will go away. Clean the sills with a toothbrush so there is no dirt left in the unseen areas.

On the inside, for cleaning windows you will need a cloth or small towel, soaked with clean water. Don’t worry about the greasy stains, that will be dealt with later.

Get the most effective detergents

Don’t be a cheap cleaner when it comes to the cleaning detergent for your window cleaning. Every grocery store caters for these cleaning detergents. Opt for those who have an eco-friendly formula, they might be a bit costly but it pays off in the long run to have an eco-friendly cleaning agent at home. There is always an alternative to commercial glass cleaners. Homemade glass cleaners are becoming more popular due to its low cost and high performance. They cause no harm and can be made without any hassle.

Choose the right window cleaning pads

Even though you may be a fan of paper towels when it comes to glass cleaning but in this case avoid them. Paper towels will leave messy lint on your otherwise clean glass. Surely you don’t want to leave lint on your glass when you are finished with all the hard work of window cleaning. Your best tool of trade here will be the low-lint towels or the microfiber cloth. Favored by many professional window cleaning specialists the micro fibre is probably the best for cleaning windows streak-free.

Direction Matters

Another important aspect of having streaks on your window glass even after doing a great deal of cleaning is the one-way direction most people do. Just like painting, glass cleaning is not a single direction cleaning process instead, you have to change the direction once you are done with one. Most people complain they have steaks and lint on their windows when they have done the cleaning, while they have done a good window cleaning what they have not done is the doing it in multiple directions.

Finish with a Buff

Don’t call it a day until you have put the final touches on your window cleaning. Take a dry microfibre and buff it over the surface where you see any streaks or lint. This will serve as the final touches to a job well done.

Now everyone can be a window cleaning pro with these valuable tips. In case you don’t have time to do cleaning yourself hire Top Star Cleaning, one of Wellington’s very own window cleaning specialists. If you are tight on a budget, hire one of the high performing and cheap cleaners in town who can do it in no time and low cost. Known to many as the best window cleaning Wellington wide professionals Top Star has a good standing and many happy clients to date.

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